Jerk Marinade

Embark on a culinary journey to the vibrant flavors of the Caribbean with Food with Roots’ authentic Jerk Marinade. A tribute to centuries-old traditions and the soulful essence of island cuisine, we crafted our Jerk Marinade with a blend of exotic spices including the pimento berry, English thyme, fiery Caribbean peppers, and aromatic garlic. 

Our Jerk Marinade captures the essence of Caribbean culinary heritage in every drop. Originally developed by Maroons in Jamaica as a way to preserve meat through the teachings of the indigenous people of Jamaica, the Taíno people, Jerk seasoning has evolved into a global sensation that is renowned for its bold and complex taste profile. 

Our recipe stays true to its roots, offering a balance of heat, spice, and sweetness that transforms any dish into a culinary masterpiece. From grilled chicken, pork, tofu and vegetables, our Jerk Marinade heats up every bite with an explosion of flavor that transports you to sun-soaked shores of the Caribbean. Experience the island magic in your own kitchen and let your taste buds dance with delight with Food with Roots’ Jerk Marinade.