Pepper Sauces

The Food with Roots’ Pepper Sauces are southern Hot Sauces crafted by a pepper-loving Southern chef with a deep appreciation for culinary heritage. Made with all-natural ingredients and devoid of thickeners, preservatives, or additives, each bottle is a testament to purity and quality. 

Our Pepper Sauces are not just about heat – they are about enhancing the flavor of every dish they grace. We believe in flavor, not pain. Inspired by African cooking techniques that use spices and heat to elevate dishes, our sauces are a versatile addition to your kitchen arsenal. Our Pepper Sauces add depth and dimension without overpowering the palate–from bringing a little kick to the brininess of oysters, to adding a little something to the simplicity of salad dressings, rices, and soups. They more than a condiment – it's a celebration of flavor, culture, and Food with Roots in every tantalizing drop.

Flavors (in order of mild to hot):

Hungarian - Bold on flavor, softer on the heat. Our Hungarian Hot Sauce is a bold taste handcrafted in small seasonal batches. With just the right balance of punchy heat, vinegar tang, and subtle saltiness, it's a flavorful companion that won't overpower your palate.

Jalapeño - Spicy goodness. Experience the bold flavor journey of our Jalapeño Hot Sauce, crafted through a brief fermentation process and perfected with a unique blend of vinegar for character, heat, body, and flair.

Fresno - The right amount of kick, the perfect touch of sweet. Elevate your taste buds with our Fresno Hot Sauce, crafted for unparalleled flavor. Made with the freshest Fresno chilis, a harmonious blend of vinegars, and a hint of sugar, it's the epitome of balanced perfection in every fiery drop.

Habanero - Spicy & Delicious! Fiery fun. Our Habanero Hot Sauce is the pinnacle of balance, boasting Caribbean floral notes and a perfect harmony of fun and heat, making it the unrivaled choice for hot sauce aficionados.