Spice Blends

Step into a world of flavor with Food with Roots’ unique spice blends inspired by the rich culinary traditions of the South, Africa, and the Caribbean islands. Our blends are a fusion of aromatic herbs and spices that have been cherished for centuries, not just for their taste but for their role in preserving foods and shaping culinary history. Transport to the heart of these vibrant regions, where spices were once prized as currency and coveted treasures. 

Each blend is a celebration of heritage, carefully crafted to capture the essence of the land and the soul of its cuisine. Experience the boldness of African Berbere, the warmth of Caribbean Jerk, and the soulful depth of Southern Cajun. From sizzling grills to simmering pots, our spice blends are your passport to a world of unforgettable flavors. Elevate your dishes, honor tradition, and embark on a culinary journey unlike any other with our handcrafted spice blends.


Mitmita- Mitmita’s fiery allure is a cherished blend originating from Ethiopia, renowned for its intense heat and robust flavor. Our Mitmita is savory, spicy, slightly floral, and is a testament to Ethiopia's rich culinary heritage and the passion for bold, unforgettable taste. Features: cayenne and a blend of spices 

Ingredients: Birdseye chili, garlic powder, grains of paradise, allspice, cumin, cinnamon, clove, cardamom, ginger

Berbere- Our Berbere spice is an enticing blend hailing from Ethiopia, famed for its complex layers of warmth and depth. With less heat than our Mitmita spice blend, this blend is bold, floral and a unique take on traditional Berbere. With roots tracing back centuries, it's a flavorful homage to Ethiopia's vibrant culinary tapestry and the ancient spice routes that shaped it. With cardamom, ginger, and pepper and onion, this is a floral and warm spice blend, 

Ingredients: benne seeds, black pepper, cumin, cardamom, onion powder, ground ginger, fenugreek, coriander, garlic powder, cinnamon, chili flake

Jerk- Discover our dry Jerk spice blend that is inspired by the vibrant streets of Jamaica. Handcrafted with a blend of island spices, it pays homage to the indigenous Taino people and the enslaved Africans who infused their culinary wisdom into this iconic blend. Elevate your dishes with the authentic taste of Jerk by sprinkling it on any ingredient before roasting or grilling. Experience Jamaican Jerk in our dry rub and check out our wet marinade too!

Different than our Jerk Marinade, add this spice to finished items for an instant kick, to flavor food that needs a little more– cracklin, chips, sandwiches, etc

Ingredients: jalapeno, guajillo pepper, thyme, allspice, black pepper, salt, coriander, cloves, sugar,  garlic powder, onion powder,  ascorbic acid

BBQ- Our BBQ spice blend showcases the essence of grilling! Inspired by the rich barbecue traditions of the American South, each bite is a journey through time, evoking memories of smoky pits and backyard gatherings. Elevate your grilling game and savor the history of BBQ with every sprinkle of our authentic blend. A little sweet, a little savory, this is our Classic BBQ Spice Blend that we used in our restaurant’s BBQ dishes. 

Ingredients: Pimenton, brown sugar, mustard powder, coriander, fennel seed, allspice, cinnamon, white pepper, cumin, cayenne, cardamom.

Cajun- Our Cajun spice is a lively blend originating from Louisiana that celebrates bold flavors and a little spicy kick. Crafted to honor Cajun and Creole culinary traditions, it's a savory tribute to the melting pot of influences that define Southern cuisine. It is earthy, spicy, and our most popular spice blend.

Ingredients: Pimenton, garlic powder, onion powder, cayenne, thyme, black pepper, salt